The STEC produces safety equipment for work at height using national and international technology to generate higher levels of safety and comfort for its users.


Quality and safety are critical for us. Stec products are designed for vertical enviroments. They are developed to provide a similar solution for different challenges at work at heights.

They are recognized by experts as being a high level of confort, quality and safety.

Our products

Present in more than 10 countries and thousands of devices in operation around the world the STec is a Brazilian company that develops and manufactures safety equipment. The STec operates in all stages of manufacture of safety equipment, design, development, manufacture, sale and after-sales support offering integrated solutions for your business. This control allows Stec generate higher levels of security ISO 9001 and CE. STec sharing technology and safety for working at heights from Brazil to the World.

About us
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    Featured Equipments
    S.Tec RA COMPLET HARNESS - full body
    S.Tec RA COMPLET HARNESS - full body - stainless steel D-rings & five attachments points.
    S.Tec EVO BRONZE Descender - Panic stop
    S.Tec EVO BRONZE Descender - Panic stop, wiregate & moveable flange - Aluminium Alloy
    S.Tec DUCK-R Back-up device - T02L
    S.Tec DUCK-R Back-up device T02L
    S.Tec Edge Roller Module - PB01
    S.Tec Edge Roller Module
    S.Tec Steel Carabiner - Oval shape screwgate - MSRO22
    S.Tec Steel Carabiner - Oval shape screwgate
    S.Tec Low Stretch Ropes 11mm 200 m
    S.Tec Semi-Static Rope 11mm
    S.Tec EN FORCER T03L - Back-up device - Aumminium cam
    S.tec Adjustable footloop double - SD02
    Estribo duplo regulável Stec.
    Headlamp 1000 - LH1000
    Lanterna de cabeça STec LH1000, 3 pilhas AAA, com função RED ON (vermelho).
    FLOW Descender D05
    O Descensor FLOW é um aparelho autoblocante, prático e eficiente para descidas controladas, que conta com dispositivo anti-pânico.